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Your NISO membership gives you security and benefits in your everyday life - both as an athlete and as a private person.

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  • Prices in the table is a monthly fee. 

  • The annual income is only based on your income from sport.  

  • Both memberships give you access to the member benefits in NISO (e.g. free legal advice, carrier guidance etc.) and LOFavør (e.g. home and travel insurance, bank etc.). 

  • Memberships incl. KAF (career stop insurance) also include home and travel insurance. Please contact us to learn more about KAF.

  • Cat. 7: Free membership to August the year you turn 19. No insurances included (can be bought separately).

  • Cat. 8: Former athlete: You can still be a member of NISO when you end your active sports career. The insurances are favorable even when you quit and there are many other member benefits you need in your private life.  



  • An invoice for your membership fee is sent out every month.

  • We offer payment via club, as well as invoices in Vipps, e-invoices and direct debits.  

  • Credit partner follows up on outstanding contingent on behalf of NISO.

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