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NISO samarbeider med Merkaat


Ønsker du å bruke Instagram til å skape en sterkere personlig merkevare eller bli mer attraktiv for sponsorer? Skape mer aktivitet på din profil og øke antall relevante følgere og likes? NISO har samarbeid med Merkaat, en tjeneste som kan hjelpe deg med nettopp dette. 


Meerkat is here to professionally assist NISO members in growing their Instagram presence through increasing engagement and extending the reach of their IG profile with 24/7 hands on assistance and powerful detailed reports, thus attracting brand sponsors and building their own personal brand, thereby showcasing their value and ultimately winning endorsement deals and sponsorships.



Meerkat are a Social Media Optimisation and Consultancy Agency. 

Meerkat, as a social media consultant specializing in building targeted and engaged audiences for their clients, is excited to offering their services to NISO’s stable of professional players, who will benefit by turning their Instagram accounts into powerful marketing tools that will attract revenue producing sponsorships and endorsement deals.


As an industry expert with many years of experience in brand marketing, sports marketing and social media, Meerkat is currently curating Instagram accounts with a large base of satisfied clients from around the globe from globally renowned restaurants to professional athletes and a variety of sporting institutions.



Meerkat have experience working with athletes around the globe. We help you maximize your Instagram account to make it a tool of real value to you by building your profile and value as an influencer / ambassador. Instagram is an invaluable tool to show your sponsor, employer, endorser etc that you have real value and can help them get their message directly or indirectly to their target market.


Meerkat is an IG optimisation and consultancy agency, what we do is we will grow your Instagram page, we will of course grow your followers but much more importantly we will grow your engagement and reach and target relevant followers who can potentially be new followers or an engaged audience. It is organic and it is through consulting with you and our tech / research team. We work with and follow closely Instagram and their ever-changing algorithms to make sure that your Instagram account is reaching out to as many potential real fans / followers as possible. We will research your closest competitors, also geographic locations and relevant accounts and reach out to up to 4000 accounts every 7 days. We will follow and unfollow for you and grow your account with engaged, real followers. Our aim is for you to see a direct benefit to your value as an athlete and ambassador / account from our service.

We will grow your Instagram account by targeting a relevant audience for brand You. We will analyse and continuously grow your followers, providing you with 24/7 support and guidance on how to manage your account. We prepare detailed monthly reports that provide in depth details on your account and follower demographics and are a great tool to show to employers / sponsors showcasing your marketable value.

The other side of our service is the consulting side, our team are always available to give feedback on your posts, timing, content, targeting etc.. any questions we are on hand and will guide you to make the most for you out of your IG account. Bottom line we want your IG account to become a valuable tool to increase your brand awareness and your income.

Our team are available 24 hrs on a WhatsApp group with you so any queries, anything you want to add or remove or us to research it is a constant process. Any questions we are there to help grow and support your account.

For more information: 


Som NISO-medlem får du rabatterte priser, med 30% på ordinær pris. NISO-pris: 200 Euro pr mnd. 


Er du interessert i tjenesten eller ønsker mer informasjon er det bare å ta kontakt; 




Et av våre medlemmer har allerede testet tjenesten i en 2 mnd periode, og økte både antall følgere, likes/kommentarer og det generelle aktivitetsnivået. 

Det gikk fra 2234 følgere til 5744 følgere ila 8 uker, og gjennomsnitt 156 likes pr post til ca 603 likes. 



Merkaat har bistått mange utøvere fra ulike idretter og land. Her er noen eksempler som har benyttet seg av tjenesten.


James Younghusband, British / Filipino National

Played for Chelsea Youth team then went on to play for Wimbledon FC, Woking and Farnborough in the English Leagues before returning to the Philippines where he became a regular for the national team. He has since retired and very effectively used his IG profile to build a career and business opportunities.

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