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Regarding layoffs, unemployment benefits and other information

Due to the serious situation in our country and the world, many of our members receive notice of layoff these days. Here is information from NISO.


Given that all organized sporting activities are prohibited - initially until March 26, with the consequence that the clubs cannot employ their players in a proper / sensible way, NISO agrees that there are grounds for layoffs. Unity is directly linked to a ban on organized sporting activities from the authorities and we must therefore monitor the situation continuously. Even though there are grounds for layoffs at the time being, the clubs must look into the possibility of taking less radical actions.

Laid off players are entitled to a full salary up to 6 G for 20 days from lay-off. The employer pays for the first two days and the state for the remaining 18 days. The value of 1 G is NOK 99 858 at the moment.

Inquiries from members regarding layoffs are, to the greatest possible extent, made through union representatives, so that we can assist as many members as possible efficiently.

Unemployment benefits / NAV:

When receiving notice of layoffs, it is important that members contact NAV.

We receive many inquiries on questions related to layoffs and unemployment benefits. Unfortunately we are not able to help everyone, but NAV will assist you in this matter.

Application for unemployment benefits is made electronically through NAV:

We understand that there is a long wait for NAV based services due to the situation. Anyone in urgent need to cover the necessary costs and needs can apply for social benefits through NAV - pending the payment of unemployment benefits / other benefits.

Applications for social benefits are made electronically via NAV:

Do you combine studies and sports - and have a professional contract?

It may seem unclear how students are treated when it comes to unemployment benefits.

Many of our members are studying. If sports are the main activity, or a significant part of your daily life, and are combined with studies, we would recommend that all members specify that they are primarily athletes, but study outside normal working hours. There is a comment box in the application for unemployment benefits where this can be done.

Do you combine other work and sports?

Many of our members combine other work and sports. If you do so, this can affect the entitlement to unemployment benefits, but this must be considered in each specific case. We therefore recommend everyone who is laid off to apply for unemployment benefits through NAV.

Are you on sick leave?

Persons on sick leave can also be laid off. You will have sick pay as long as you are on sick leave. When you are off sick leave, you will receive unemployment benefits during layoffs.

House loan / mortgage:

Mortgage payment is a significant cost to many of us. If you are affected by the situation with the corona virus (laid off etc.), and are a loan customer at LOfavør / Sparebank1, take contact with your bank:

A member who is a loan customer in another bank must contact their bank.

Individual sports/athletes:

Some individual athletes manage their own company. Here are updated guidelines based on the situation:

Travel insurance:

The situation in Norway and the world is changing rapidly. Click on the link below for the latest updates on travel insurance and coverages:


NISO encourages everyone to take extra care of each other during these difficult times. We are available for inquiries, but kindly ask for your understanding that it may take some time for us to reply due to many inquiries. If you have any questions or inquiries we recommend that you send us an email: or use our contact form on our website:

Many of the links in this document is in Norwegian, but some of the sites have options for English language. Your club is obligated to help you in this matter.

Kind regards,



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